Visiting Our Schools

The North Penn School District welcomes families, and community visitors. When visiting our schools, please be considerate of the following information.


Visitor Registration

  • All visitors to school property must register at the main entrance to the building. Visitors will be asked to provide a government issued photo ID. Failure to provide an ID may be cause to deny entry to the building. 

  • IDs are scanned using the NPSD visitor management system and a visitor badge is printed. Information obtained during this process is not shared and is used solely for the purpose of identifying visitors.

  • Visitor badges must be worn at all times while present in the school building, and must be turned in to the main office before departing.

Visiting Staff Members

  • Anyone intending to speak with a staff member is encouraged to make an appointment by phone or email before arriving at the building. Visitors arriving without an appointment may not admitted.

  • Conferences with teachers are held, to the extent possible, outside school hours or during the teacher’s conference/preparation period.

Visiting School Grounds

  • Use of school property, including athletic fields and parking areas, by organized groups requires a permit issued by the NPSD Facilities and Operations Department.
  • For the safety of students, recreational use of school grounds by individuals is not permitted while school is in session.
  • When school is not in session, those traversing School District property are asked to follow the rules posted at each property entrance.