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2019 Long Term Problem Statements

All parent volunteers are required to obtain clearances and submit
paperwork to the North Penn School District.

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Scheduling Team Meetings.

To reserve space in a district school for an Odyssey of the Mind team meeting, the coach should email Donna Norton at In the email, specify the building, the day, the time, if the meeting is weekly and the date the team will stop meeting. You will be given a "permit" to hold your meeting in a specific building, at a specific day/time. Bring the permit to meetings so that you have documentation that you have reserved the space. Please ensure that all students are respectful throughout the meeting; no supplies should be used and personal property should not be touched.

The 2019 Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide is a great resource for coaches.
It contains a wealth of informationabout coaching, training your team, preparing for
competition, completing forms and more! 2019 Program Guide

More Questions? This book is another great resource for inquiring coaches! At $18, it's well worth the investment!
What Now, Coach?
What Now Coach


How To Register a Team for the
SEPOM Regional Competition

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Out of the Box

Spontaneous Problems ...
Find time to practice Spontaneous Problem Solving
with your team at least once a week - it's worth it!

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